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Milestone Tattoo Studio

Richmond, ky

Im Alexus. I work out of a studio in Richmond, KY. As a kid, we had a OG Nintendo that we loved playing Mario on. I remember at the end of one of the levels that had all the stairs that you could jump on that turtle and get 99 lives! I alove to learn new things! So maybe swing by and tell your little tips and tricks on your favorite video games!
I have a wide variety of styles I lik to tattoo. I like black and grey or even color! If you don’t absolutely love any of the flash that is out, I am more then willing to create a design that fits your wants and needs!
If I’m not working you can find me snuggled up with my dog watching OG cartoons such as courage the cowardly dog, Scooby doo, Catdog etc..… Oh that reminds me..… Have you seen the new Fallout show, season 1 for 2024? If so swing by and let’s chat about it!!

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