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Be prepared for all the fun and festivities. Here is what to expect when arriving at the convention:

Where is VGTCon being held?

VGTCon 2024 will be held at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, TN.


How do I get tattooed at the show?

All of our Attending Artists are handling their own bookings for our show. Some will be booking in advance, and some will be accepting walk-ins throughout the weekend. We recommend reaching out to any Artist you are interested in directly to see what their plan is for the show.

What Artists will be working the show?

You can find our all of our Attending Artists here.

How do I get tickets to the show?

Tickets can be purchased at the door the weekend of the show or here.

How old must you be to get tattooed?

You MUST be 18 years old to get tattooed and have valid identification with you, such as a driver's license, state-issued ID or passport.

Can I re-enter the convention if I leave?

Re-entry is allowed. If you purchased a daily pass you may leave and re-enter on the same day. If you bought a weekend pass, you can come and go as you please all weekend.

Are children allowed?

Children are allowed. Children 12 and under have free admission.

Can I bring a book bag into the show?

Book bags are allowed, however, they may be searched at the door for safety precautions.

Dress Code Policy

  • Clothing cannot show less than what a typical swimsuit covers (standard bikini, trunks, etc.)

  • Private parts must be covered in an opaque material that will not slip or have gaps.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Bottoms of feet must be fully covered.

  • Attendees may not wear a uniform that can be mistaken for official medical, police, SWAT, FBI, or other law enforcement agencies.

  • No Hate Symbols

  • Attendees with bulky costumes, costumes that obscure the vision, or costumes with large extensions such as wings or spikes, should have a designated “handler,” to assist them through the hallways and crowds.

Prop/ Weapon Policy

  • ANY prop or weapon may be subjected to weapons check at the discretion of our staff, hotel staff, or law enforcement.

  • Props are defined as any item carried as part of a cosplay not designed to represent a weapon and carried as an augmentation to the costume

  • Prop weapons are inert items that are designed to appear as a weapon either fantastic or realistic. Prop weapons do not include actual weapons whether they are authorized, or peace bonded.

  • No heavy metal objects are allowed.

  • No sharp edges of any material are allowed.

  • Any item that poses a potential safety hazard may need to be removed from the convention. This includes any costume, prop, or accessory that obstructs doors or hallways, or otherwise poses any kind of danger to other attendees, staff, or convention space property.


  • A valid badge/wristband must always be purchased and worn openly. You may only hide your badge temporarily while getting a photo taken. You must show your badge when asked by a Con staff member or volunteer.

  • Only official ADA working animals are allowed.

  • Do not block walkways. Move to the side for pictures and gatherings. If posing for photos in the open or at an event, it is your responsibility to ensure there is ample room to safely execute the pose.

  • Smoking/Vaping is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

  • Assault, threatening conduct, slurs, bullying, racism, acts of hatred, and/or discrimination around race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender are never allowed

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