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Stacee XoXo



Here's a little tid bit about Lil Ole me.

I'm Stacee. Born and raised here in Knoxville. I own and operate BeautiMarx .We are a studio that houses tattoo artist, piercing artist, and an esthetician who all create astounding work. I invite you to check us out and see for yourself! Human connection and positive energy is very important to me. I've been in the industry for over 10 years now. I began as a piercer, which will always be my first love. About 4 years later, I became a permanent cosmetic artist which eventually evolved into tattooing. I love color and cutesy stuff the MOST! My daughter, Kaylee Russell and I made a plan when she was in high-school to open up a dual studio. She began her hours in high-school and graduated in 2020 with her diploma. After waiting on schools to open back up, due to the pandemic, she was finally able to continue her education and complete the hours needed to become a licensed esthetician. We opened our family owned and ran business, BeautiMarx, in September 2021. Kaylee is now piercing and we offer tandem Ear Lobes for the Littles! The journey hasn't always been rainbows and cupcakes but it's definitely been worth it.

We cannot wait to work along side with some of the best!!

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