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Rico Didit

The Hornets nest elite art studio

Louisville Ky

Hey, name is Rico Taylor aka Rico Didit. I’m 28 years old haling from Louisville ky. My specialty is large color work; Anime and pop culture, as well as New school. Recently I have been moving in the direction of Color Realism and Semi-realism.

From the time I was young I’ve always loved Video games, Anime, comics and cosplay. I’m the shop geek and I love it! Currently I’m obsessed with Jujutsu kiasen and Elden ring even though I’m on my 9th playthrough… but what can I say it’s just that good!

I am a husband and father of two. At my house we watch anime as a family and every one of us is a gamer!

By the way If you’re looking for my booth just look for the demon slayer banner… and yes it’s the “Flashy” Hashira. lol

Thanks for reading about me, I can’t wait to see you at the con!

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