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Ohayo Tattoo


Meet Anthony, body piercer hailing from the Queen City itself, Cincinnati! His journey into the world of body art began in his youth, fueled by a fascination with anatomy and a desire to master the art of piercing. With over six years of experience under his belt, Anthony has honed his craft to perfection, serving as the head piercer at Ohayo Tattoo.

Beyond the piercing studio, Anthony's passions extend to vintage video games, anime, pokemon trading cards, and the wonders of space exploration. When he's not adorning clients with intricate piercings, you can find him immersed in classic video game adventures or eagerly following the latest developments in space flight. An avid rock climber and drummer, Anthony embraces life's adventures with boundless enthusiasm, supported by his partner Liz and their beloved cat, Stella.

Anthony's dedication to his craft is matched only by his thirst for knowledge and his commitment to providing top-notch service to his clients. With a blend of technical skill and artistic flair, he approaches each piercing as a unique opportunity to create lasting impression and impact his clients' lives with his top notch bedside manner and cringe worthy sense of humor. Whether bouldering rock walls or creating that perfect curation of adornments on a client's body, Anthony's passion for his work glistens as bright as the grease on his beloved, cheesy pizza.

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