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Mattison Fire

Carbon Ink Tattoo

Tallahassee Florida

Hi, hey, hello! My name is Mattison and I am a second generation 11 year tattoo artist and cosplayer based out of Tallahassee, Florida! As Jenna Marbles once said, I got three styles and that’s it! q:^) While my roots and focus lay within neotraditional tattooing, I love to tattoo in an American cartoon/mid 2010s tumblr illustrator like style and throw down some black and grey pieces too! Currently, my favorite thing to tattoo is completely normal not at all suggestive fruits that look like Lisa Frank threw up on them and decapitated celestial lady heads~

Some interesting unimportant facts about me that will help you understand me better as an artist AND a person:

• I know more about league of legends than you

• I have 400+ hours in baldurs gate 3 and am only on my second play through.

• I’m a bird person, which tells you I’m homeschooled.

My fandoms include but are not limited to: TOH, Genshin Impact, She-Ra, Craig of the Creek, Pokemon, Spice Girls, Yu-Gi-Oh, any anime released from 1990-2013, Arcane/League of Legends, Sandman, TLOU, BG3, Barbie, Hazbin Hotel, Mass Effect, Halo 1-5 and the Borderland Series!

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