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Legend of Ink Tattoos

Legend of Ink Tattoos

Red Bank, New Jersey

I was born for this convention.

My first gaming system was Turbo Grafx 16. Bonks Adventures, JJ and Jeff, Galaga '90, Devil's Crush. I fell in love.

Next in my hands was the Original Gameboy playing Tetris, Alleyway, SuperMario Land, Goldeneye 007. Who else knows the struggles of trying to play Gameboy on the car rides going back home at night as a kid??

Then there was Sega: Sonic Spinball, Baseball 2020, Mutant League Hockey, Mutant League Football, Beavis and Butthead, Mortal Kombat, Beast Wrestler, Alternate Beast.

Playstation was my favorite: Spryo, CRASH Bandicoot, World of warcraft the dark saga 2, THPS, Fisherman's Bait, Metal Slug X, Bubble Bubble.

Of coarse there N64: Super Smash Bros. RUSH, CRUISIN exotica, WWF Raw

Let's not forget the early internet days playing the Oregon Trail on a '94 Dell Windows PC. Who else remembers

I am a nerd at heart who also loves to tattoo!! At the age of 33, I have now been tattooing for more than half of My life, but I have 30 plus years of experience playing video games.


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