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Kyle Patrick

The Grey Ash

Charlotte, NC

Kyle is from Charlotte, NC, and has been tattooing for eight years. Specializing in a bold, dark, blackwork style, he prefers to use heavy shading and intricate linework detail in all of his tattoo work. His favorite subjects include anything derived from nature, the occult, dark imagery, and fandom-related, especially anime and video games.

Kyle opened The Grey Ash Tattoo Studio with his partner, Courtney, in 2019 as a specialized blackwork tattoo shop in Charlotte. He strives to continue running the studio as an all-vegan, eco-conscious, and fully inclusive safe space for all to feel at home and free from judgment, discrimination, and hate.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys spending time with his partner and their three huskies. They enjoy playing video games, watching anime, listening to K-Pop and their record collection, creating art, and traveling.


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