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Peachy Keen Tattoo

Grand Rapids, MI

Ope! Hey there - Killvers here! I’m West Michigan’s Pokémon Master looking to meet, tattoo and battle likeminded friends!! 💖 I also love Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy X!! Spyro, every Pokémon game (well, almost😈) N64 games rule as that was my first console, and right now I’m playing Fallout New Vegas! Ugh I didn’t like 4 cause of the settlements though, don’t get me started 😂 I also play COD but have crappy internet out where I moved it is quite tragic. I hope to meet you and nerd out!! I’m so excited! See y’all soon 😇🥰 p.s. I’ll have some flash to choose from that isn’t just Pokémon lol

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