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Ocean Mystique Ink Gallery

Virginia Beach

Hi! My name is Kay😊,
Just a little bit about me is I’m a tattooer from Spokane, Washington with 4 years of experience. I moved to Virginia Beach about 3 years ago to work with my awesome team at the shop I’m currently at. I enjoy learning new types of art styles and using it in my tattoos to improve everyday. I specialize in black and gray work, dot work and anime style tattoos. As much as I enjoy black and gray style tattoos I also enjoy small color work tattoos as well. Tattoo designs that include bugs, skulls, animals, witchy things, Tokyo Ghoul and, chainsaw man, I LOVE to tattoo and it’s definitely subjects I enjoy tattooing😄

Hope to book an appointment with you and see you at VGT con! Can’t wait to have a blast! 💥

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