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The End Times Electric Tattoo Co.

Springfield, MO

Video games have been one of the biggest muses for my art for as long as I've been creating. I grew up as an only child so I learned to entertain myself a lot by playing video games and drawing, my two favorite hobbies for as long as I can remember. I knew as an adult I'd like a career in art someday, but I never imagined I'd be a tattoo artist... But things just fell into place and I honestly couldn't be happier. Getting to draw cool stuff for a living is LITERALLY a dream come true!

One of my very first and favorite muses is Spyro the Dragon. Anyone who knows me knows of my Spyro obsession! I've also played Animal Crossing since the Wild World days, and Pokemon is up there too. I also enjoy various Legend of Zelda, Mario, Kirby, and Star Fox games, the Sims, Croc, and the Mother series.

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