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Eric Eugene

Cutlass Tattoo Company

Pigeon Forge

Eric Eugene is a professional tattooer who has been tattooing for 14 years . Owner and artist at Cutlass Tattoo Company located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee . Eric is not only passionate about designing and applying tattoos, but also the history of tattooing and the building of tattoo machines. "I think it's important to contribute to every aspect of being an artist and a professional. It makes a difference when you can do more than just apply a tattoo. Painting ,drawing, and building machines all contribute to me being able to give a better tattoo."
Eric Eugene loves bright and bold tattoos. Especially sci-fi and nostalgic images made in a traditional manner. Raised up on 80’s and 90’s cartoon's, cult horror films, and Nintendo. “All I wanna do is make cool tattoos “-Eric

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