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Eddy Arg

Diligent Lobotomy Tattoo

Tucker, GA

Salutations!!! My name is Eddy Arg. I own Diligent Lobotomy Tattoo in Tucker, Georgia. I've been tattooing for over 20 years and grew up in the 80's.

My childhood memories are filled with both post school, and Saturday morning cartoons as well as comics. I never really grew up and have been lucky enough to not have to. I'm a kid at heart and love tattooing. I’ve tattooed all across the country and have won multiple awards. If you're into bright, bold, cartoony, new school nerdtastic art, I'm your geek. Of course, I can also tackle a much more extensive range of tattooing. From black and gray realism to neo-traditional. LET A NERD KNOW! :)

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