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Brooklyn, New York

Hello, my name is Echo and I’m a 24 year old anime tattoo artist! I first started my tattooing journey in Puerto Rico where I picked up my first coil machine; and what followed was a horribly done tattoo. Despite this I did come back to New York to pursue my Bachelors of Science and get an education.

It wasn’t until my first year of being a private tutor that I realized I didn’t feel fulfilled in life. I quit tutoring full time to pursue my passion and love for tattooing. Being a solo beginner manga artist I knew I had something to bring to the table; a niche I could join where I learned the joy of translating characters from paper onto skin!

Tattooing lit a spark inside of me I thought would never be back; that first memory of astonishing when creating an illustration and wondering “Wow, I did that!” I can’t wait to continue this journey here!

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