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All Star Tattoo

Livonia, MI

Drip has been making pixel art since 2010. She began as a graphic designer making shirt designs, labels and album art for musicians across the globe. During the pandemic, she dabbled in indie game development and live streaming her process on Twitch. Her style consists of 1-bit or limited color palettes as well as themes of connecting with one another across the internet.

In 2021, she had the opportunity to apprentice at All Star Tattoo in Michigan. There, she learned the basics of tattooing. She, then, took her love for pixel pushing and applied it to the newly developed skill to create her unique pixel style. Her favorite things to tattoo are her own pixel art versions of video game and anime characters, pet portraits, cyberpunk and vaporwave themes.

Her on-going goal is to continue traveling around the world to meet like-minded nerds, make new friends, and hang out with long time internet homies.


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