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Dominic Cordoba

Ultima Tattoos & Piercing

Atlantic City

Hello! My name is Dominic ( I go by Fynixdown or Fynixsenpai_tattoos on Instagram.). I am a tattoo artist located in South New Jersey. I’m based out of Ultima Tattoo Studio located in Galloway, NJ. (About 20 min from Atlantic City)

I would say my style/interests have changed throughout my years of tattooing, but I have always loved video games. (Can you tell from my IG name?😄That and anything that kind of goes along with it such as comics, movies, and anime. Art has been a huge part of my life since I was very young and it was influenced by all the above.

I mainly focus on large realism, comic, and anime tattoos. I’m comfortable tattooing black and grey or bright color. Would love to hear what cool ideas you have and put it to skin!

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