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Studio Lovecraft


Hey there! Name is David ( or Dewey) and I am a tattoo artist based out of Seattle, WA! I am a co owner of the shop Studio Lovecraft with my wife!

Like every kid, I started drawing and writing my own stories but with the influences of anime and Video games that I was exposed to from my older siblings. I remember watching Gundam Wing and Ghost in the Shell at 7 years old with my sister, and watching my older brother play Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, and both of them definitely defined my childhood and my love for Japanese media.

Throughout highschool and college I focused on art more than ever, and I practiced in surrealism and portraitures before I was finally pushed into tattooing by the encouragement from my brother, friends and especially my wife. From the moment I began my apprenticeship I wanted to go back to my roots and draw and design the things that made me, me. That was video games and anime.

Now, some years later I have been working on blending my childhood ideas and dreams with my studies through school and create an image through tattooing with the amazing people I get to spend time with to not only tell my stories, but theirs as well.

I'm deweymonn, and it's nice to meet ya!

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