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Critical Hit Tattoo

Critical Hit Tattoo


Professionally tattooing in New Jersey since 1997, currently split time between Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville, NJ and North Jersey Tattoo, Rockaway, NJ

The NERDIER the tattoos the BETTER!
Always looking to do:
Pokemon, Video Game, Comic book, Dungeons & Dragons, traditional,
new school, Japanese imagery, satanic, METAL, pizza, 8-bit pixel, anime, cartoons.

Eater of pizza, video game commando, creator of cool things, bringer of doom.

Some random facts:
-Conquered 209 classic NES titles on the original carts.
-Suffered permanent brain damage from beating 209 classic NES games on the original carts.
-Winner of badges at various Magfests for completing challenges.
-Survived over 10 Magfests!!
-Beat both quests in the original Legend of Zelda.
-Beat all 3 quests in GI JOE for NES.
-Beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out...once. But I bet it's more times than you.
-Successfully gnarfled the Garthok.


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