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Maryville TN

Hey I’m Cory. Being born in the 80s means I had the best cartoons to watch and draw inspiration from. I grew up loving video games, cartoons, and comics. Which led me to trying to recreate the art work and make my own.

I’ve been drawing my favorite characters ever since I could remember.

I spent so much time just trying to be the best artist I could be which then led me to tattooing.

I have been tattooing for 18 years! Bold colors, strong line work and pop culture are the head of my tattooing.
My favorite part of tattooing is getting to recreate my favorite faces that feels reminiscent of my childhood and my faves from today (Zelda, invincible,Pokémon,etc)
I would love to continue this style untill the end. Traveling for conventions is always so much fun and I really enjoy getting to meet folks with similar interests and hang out with old pals

I will be posting available designs in my posts and reels on instagram as we get closer to the date of the convention

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