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Cloud Captor Tattoo

Cloud Captor Tattoo

Newport Beach

Hello, my name is Hunter and I am from Newport Beach California. I specialize in neotraditional and anime/video game tattoos. I would love to tattoo more video game style pieces from Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy because these are some of my favorite series. I am also a traveling artist. I have a fair amount of states I travel to on a regular basis including;

-San Antonio, Texas
-Denver, Colorado
-Charlotte, North Carolina
-Portland ,Oregon
-Orlando, Florida
-Richmond, Virgina

I am hoping to tattoo in more states in the future so feel free to reach out if you are interested in me coming to your state or you would like to know when I will be at any other locations above.

I am a huge otaku and I love anime, manga, and figures. I own an anime store and an anime-inspired clothing company called if you get a chance please check it out.

I own an organic, eco-friendly, vegan tattoo aftercare and I will have it available at my booth at the time of the convention. @ekotattooaftercare
I will have some free samples for artists so shoot me a message if you see this.

I can't wait to see all my friends and new faces at the con!

Thank you,

-Hunter Dark

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