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Charles Eugene Reiter III

Electric Gold Tattoo Co.

St. Petersburg, Fl

Hey my names Charlie! Sat close to the Tv growing up playing Video games and watching too much Horror and Anime. Been tattooing about 7 years! Currently at Electric Gold Tattoo Co. in St. Petersburg, Fl.

I was always influenced by the art around me growing up; Gorillaz, Akira, Castlevania, Dark Souls, Princess Mononoke. I love taking those moments we love in games and cinema and present it as a piece you love to show off and talk about.

I love doing bright and colorful Anime work. Currently replaying Breathe of the wild and would love to do some medium/large scale pieces from this one. I’m also wanting to take on more darker styled black work for the horror styled and “Souls/Bourne” art.

Feel free to feel out my form in my Instagram bio or DM for availability


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