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Bing Tattoos

Sōgen Tattoo

Redding, CA

Hey all!
My name is Chandler but I go by ‘Bing’ for short. I am from Northern California and have spent nearly all of my life up here surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests. I’ve always been in to art and eventually that led me in to design work! Once COVID hit hard, my wife & I decided to completely drop our current careers and life style to pursue our passions! That is how I landed in to the tattoo industry & ever since I’ve been obsessed!

Even before fully jumping in to the anime tattoo scene I was the typical anime nerd. I grew up on the classics and that really helped push my love for the genre in an art sense! I think that’s greatly helped me create a tight community of people who also share a love for anime and I really hope to continue growing this rad community!

Really hope to make some good memories and even better friends through this all! Much love y’all!

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