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Artistic Explosion

Artistic Dimensions Tattoo

Sumter, SC

Hello Lovelies,
My name is Gail and I’m just your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist! I’ve been tattooing for 6 years and am currently located in Sumter, SC.
I’m a very versatile artist but absolutely love tattooing full color pieces.
I fell in love with animation at a young age and it really fueled my passion for art. It blew my tiny mind that these movies/shows were hand drawn by animators. Some of my favorite types of film are Don Bluth, Studio Ghibli, Dreamworks, Pixar & Disney.
I’m also an avid gamer and fell in love when I found my first gameboy at a yard sale when I was 6. I grew up in the Nintendo and Sega Era so I’ve got a weak spot for the classics.
I’m very excited to attend VGT and I can’t wait to meet all of you. I’ll have a variety of custom flash available to choose from. If you’re wanting anything full color, video game, animation, old school, cartoon, adult/nsfw and like my portfolio. Please reach out! My email is linked on my Instagram.


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